2 Salad Dinner

Good Morning,
So I bet your thinking wow what a healthy girl eating 2 salads for dinner but the main reason is that I was a very bad girl and had McDonalds for lunch and was feeling very guilty about it! The first salad I made was an oldie but a goodie, I used mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts, avacado, pine nuts and dried cranberries. I put over it organicville’s tahini goddess dressing!

The Next salad I made I got the idea from a recipe my mom ripped out of a magazine but I changed it to my own version, lets call it Green Bean and Roasted Potatoe Salad. I cooked the potatoes in olive oil and rosemary in the over for about 40min, and I blanched the green beans for about 5 min. The dressing was just lemon juice, fresh dill, garlic, and olive oil. I cooled the green beans and potatoes off (it is supposed to be a cold salad). Then I tossed them all together in a bowl, to be honest this salad was tasty but I would use less dill next time and find a spice I like better to add another flavor layer.

Lastley, I have not put any pitures of the ones I love on this blog yet so here I go. Last night my son and his (our) Kitten were just chillin in the living room and it was so cute I had to take a photo. We just bought Preston this chair but Ollie the Kitten seems to have claimed it!!

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