I love summer :)

Hey, Happy Thursday!! :) This weather were having is unreal….woo-hoo. I am trying to find a balance with this going back to part time vegan/vegetarian … but I’m definitely struggling… Maybe it will be easier in the fall?! I did eat fish/shrimp last week, I think I may make exceptions for seafood once in a while but I still haven’t eaten any meat. Here is some yummy summer food made… Chocolate covered strawberries, homade pizza (including the crust ;) ) and tofu, salad quinoa dinner.




Flirting with vegan and vegetarian :)

Happy Friday!!! :) It’s going to be another beautiful sunny weekend. This week I ate some vegan and some vegetarian meals….. Each day has it’s temptation and struggles but I have not eaten any meat since I started!! Yay. One night I made fresh kale and basil pesto…. So yummy and green. I tossed it with mushrooms and brown rice pasta. Another day I tried portabello mushroom burgers and last night I bade hummus, and veggie wraps. Yumm!




Flirting with Vegan…..Week 2

So this is week 2 of trying out a Vegan diet…… I had a hard time keeping on track over the weekend. Especially eating out while drinking ;) ….. I had some cheese… I’m not perfect. I have stayed vegetarian though. No yogurt and no eggs…. Cheese is my biggest weakness. I did get back on track for the better part of this week, here are a few photos of some vegan meals… The potato vegan nachos were amazing!! :)




Flirting with Vegan……

Hey…. It’s been a while. I have been busy enjoying summer instead of blogging…. Lol oops. So here is a little update, I am currently reading the book eating animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I don’t think anyone could read this book and not change the way they eat in some way or another. I was already thinking about trying to go vegan for a month and this just helped motivate me. So as of July 2, I’m going to try a vegan diet for a month and see how I feel and how easy or difficult it is. Hopefully it’s easy and I can stick with it. It seems to be the most healthy in my opinion. So far it has been good, you just have to plan ahead and have snacks around :) . Here are a few photos of some meals: (all vegan) Taco salad, veggie burger and homemade oven baked fries and breakfast chocolate raspberry overnight oats.