About Me

About Me:

Well I just thought it might to be a fun little hobby to start my own blog…so here I am. I’m a working mom living in the suburbs. I love shopping and fashion and my newest passion is healthy cooking and scouring the web as well as cook books for new recipes to try out.

 Welcome to my blog where I share life, food, fashion and fun. I try hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals as often as I can, workout when I have time, take care of my son and still be the fashionista that I love to be. I was raised a vegetarian so I have never had red meat or pork. I have been eating chicken and seafood for the last 14 years. I am flirting with the idea of not eating much dairy. I don’t think I can give up fish, eggs and yogurt. I am trying to avoid processed foods, foods with high sugar levels, white breads & pastas.

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