Ginger Sesame Carrots

Happy Monday!! Hey well at least it’s sunny out. ;) Have you guys ever seen Gwyneth Paltrow’s website goop?! She has lots of cool ideas and recipes. This one is from her website and is in her new cookbook I think. Super easy to make, the ingredients are ginger, olive oil, match stick carrots, black sesame seeds and sesame oil. They were delicious and a nice spin on cooked carrots.


Vietnamese Summer Rolls

I have always like these rolls, and they are one of the healthier options in the food court. I have made these before but each time the fillings and sauce vary a bit. Last nights were nice and light and delicious. I used rice paper wraps and rice noodles for inside as well as carrots, grated beet and avocado. The dipping sauce was made of brags, sesame oil, almond butter and water.


Savi Seeds?!

Has anyone ever had these before? I have been meaning to try them for a while now, since I read about there health benefits in my book, “It must have been something I ate”. I went to my local health food store yesterday in search of some real cocao powder and found this little bag of savi seeds at the check out! Not cheap I might add at $3 each. They were different to say the least, maybe chocolate flavored would have been better, but 6g of protein is not bad. :)


Kale & Potato Curry

The other day I was killing time on my favorite app, Pinterest. I was really hungry and I kept pinning food pictures. I hadn’t decided what to make for dinner yet when I found this curry recipe, and I had all the ingredients except an onion. So I picked one up at the store after swimming. This curry did take a while to prep and cook but it was yummy and I have lots of left overs.


Raw Cocao Coconut Balls

I have been trying to find the time to make these all week, and finally did it today. They are pretty healthy and blew my mind with how tasty they are!! They are made of raw organic Cocao powder, coconut oil, coconut meal, agave syrup and rolled in coconut shreds! :) trust me when I say MAKE THESE!


Noodle Stir-fry

Well…. I have not been blogging as much this week, I’ve been busy with life and trying to start my home staging business! Anyways I made this great stir fry last night and thought I should share it. It was brown rice noodles with organic tofu cooked in sesame oil, ginger and garlic. Then I tossed them with black sesame seeds, mushrooms and a mix of oriental vegetables and teriyaki sauce! Pretty filling and yummy.


New yummy treats

Happy Friday!! :) I dropped the ball a bit this week on my blogging. I just started doing 100 squats a day starting April 1, and I physically tired and then I cook… No time to blog lol. I made 2 yummy snacks thus week, sweet potato fries cooked in coconut oil, which I burned my arm on :( . I also made roasted chickpeas tossed in cinnamon, nutmeg and honey…. Both dishes were pretty tasty. Have a good weekend friends!



Happy Easter!

Good morning, I hope the Easter bunny came to see you. ;) My son cleaned up in the chocolate department. This is the first year that I have been eating so healthy that I’m not that interested in stealing all of my sons chocolate!!! This is a big step lol. I did eat a few, but I gave most of it away yesterday, he does not need that much chocolate. I decided to make a nice Easter treat breakfast while my mom was visiting. I found these no dairy gluten free crepes on the earth diets website. They were delicious, I made my own chocolate sauce to go on top. There are just 3 ingredients: raw organic cocoa powder, coconut oil, maple syrup. The crepes are simple too, ground whole oats into flour, almond milk and an egg…… Super easy. I topped them with raspberries and coconut flakes.


The Earth Diets “Mac and Cheese”

Happy Thursday people!!! I’m so excited for Easter long weekend, the weather is supposed to be amazing! :) I have been getting recipes from this great website called the It’s a really cool idea, just eating whole natural foods from the earth. I made their mac and cheese recipe last night and it turned out better than expected. It’s gluten and dairy free! I used brown rice noodles, the creaminess comes from yeast, almond milk and cauliflower. Recipe can be found on the website. Yumm :)


Korean Tofu

I am seriously loving these sunny days, I hope the weather stays like this, it’s divine!! :) Last night I made one of my old favorite ways to cook tofu. It’s from the low-carb gourmet cookbook and its called Korean tofu. Very easy and yummy. I served it with brown rice and asparagus. The tofu is dipped in egg and pantries with grape seed oil. The sauce is the best part: brags, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, green onion.